Tuesday 20 August 2013

Powerful Ice!!!

Day 7: August 20/13.
Expediton Excursion: Dundas Harbour
Well, today our expedition leader, Boris, had a presentation for all.  We learned that there is huge sea ice ahead of us with strong winds.  We may have to alter our course, and avoid the 9/10 ice coverage (which has been pushed, by strong prevailing winds, into the ‘Strait’ where we planned to traverse).  We have some alternate routes for our northwest passage, but many openings appear to be blocked by sea ice at the present time (we get updated ice maps via radar daily).  Who knows what will happen to this voyage in the next few days.  Our final destination should be Cambridge Bay, on August 25,2013, but if we are unable to get through (this had happened in 2011) we may need to go back to Pond Inlet.  That would mean re-arranging flight arrangements for 100 people from “POND”!  It certainly makes the journey exciting!
I’ll post more on Day 7… as it unfolds.
xxxox and Cheers to ADVENTURE!

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