Sunday 25 August 2013

Almost Home!

Blog Day 10, Bellot Strait
At 6:00 a.m. we were out the deck, observing the tremendous current in the Bellot Strait.  On the horizon were 3 small sailing vessels, awaiting the Henry Larson escort.  They tucked in behind the Akademik IOFFE, and we all sailed through the heavy ice to open water.  Tonight, after 150 knotical miles, we plan to land at Victory Point.  More to follow as the day unfolds.
Amid Historical Presentations, and Climate Change Affecting Landscapes Talks, we sailed east of Victoria Island, then southward in a direction toward Cambridge Bay.  Later in the evening as we passed by Victoria Point, where Franklin’s men spent endless time in desolation, and as we sailed over the waters where Franklin was buried,  Huw delivered an eloquent tribute to the exploration heros of 1847, a great tragedy in the history of Arctic navigation.
Later in the night, huge winds excited George and Mark, the “weather chasers” from the weather channel, winds mounted to Beaufort 8 throughout our rocking sleep.  The weather boys were “up” all night long.
Art classes are culminating beautifully, as we add finishing touches to our masterpieces.  We’ll have a display, during the Captain’s Dinner tomorrow evening!

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