Friday 16 August 2013

Blog, Day 2, northwest passage

Blog, Day 2, northwest passage
Well as we familiarize passengers with Zodiac safety, Map and Globe Orientation, and the details of our ship, we set anchor at the little community of  Sisimiut, Greenland.  Overland hiking with Jacques, Museum tour and Art Gallery tour with Kate and Sheila, shopping for musk ox wool, trying on traditional seal skin jackets and pants for photo opportunities,  … all available during this first landing!
Supper on the ship, Fireside chat, laughter, etc… and off to bed by midnight! 


  1. Hi Mom! Sounds like you are a transformed 'night hawk'!!! Wow, what time to you have to rise in the morning?

    I have not heard anything about art in your posts...are you teaching? Is there any time for it?


  2. HI Trish...I thought that readers would just want to hear about the
    excursions/landscape/ice/weather, etc.... of course we've used the kits;
    they're well broken in and looking very "used" by now; people love it. I
    have only enough kits for nine passengers and one for myself.... I've had to
    have them share to accommodate all. At the end of the first voyage, Baffin
    Island - Greenland, we had a spectacular little art show by the newly
    designated "passenger-artists on board". Cathy's Mom (Cathy and Aaron, and
    Andrew own ONE OCEAN) and daughter Jenn both took the art classes and
    really and truly, Cathy's mom Chris is HOOKED, she did very well/had never
    painted before, and is ON FIRE.... more to follow, I have to unload zodiacs!