Friday 16 August 2013

Painting on Board the Akademik IOFFE is really ROCKING!

Hello readers!  Painting on Board the Akademik IOFFE is really ROCKING!   I want to write more about our painting experience during these adventures, however I am really busy right now, I need to get to dining room to wait on tables and share the WINE LIST with the guests!  It is quite a diverse role that I have out here…a mix between teaching, waitressing and guiding adventures!  I’m loving every minute!

When it comes to our painting classes, many people have have no
previous experience, but are just 'eating it up' so to speak!  They love it!

We are now on our Baffin Island-Northwest Passage, and there were too many who wanted the painting option, so I have made a deal with some to take them “out on location” with ‘pleine aire” art kits, during one of our zodiac landingsj.  It is a real thrill to see people paint for the first time, succeed, then display their work, and last but not least to have them realize how special it is to have their own art work reflecting the wonders of the high ARCTIC!

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