Thursday 1 August 2013

August 1st, 2013... Art on board the Akademik IOFFE, with Sheila

As I prepare to depart for Baffin Island, Davis Strait, Greenland, and then the Northwest Passage, I have prepared a "little blurb" for passengers, about how the "watercolour workshop 'thing'" works on board the Akademik IOFFE, and on site locations or 'ports of call' during our hikes/excursions on land and seas.

"ART on board the Akademik IOFFE, Arctic Expedition 2013 with Sheila M. Currie.   Up to nine passengers have the option to join Sheila as she interprets, through watercolour, the land and sea scapes, while attempting to capture the essence of the world out there …all the while trying to incorporate the feeling of awe which she experiences in its uniqueness.

The ship will provide complete ‘pleine aire’ art travel kits with everything you need and more for each participant; your cost is simply for supplies @ $25 for the 10 or 12 day expedition.  The kit can be slung over your shoulder like a small camera bag. As educator for 35 years, art teacher for 12, and traveler of all 7 continents, Sheila will do her utmost to transform the most timid ‘student’ into one who plays with a marvelous medium such as watercolour.  Come join in; another learning experience for both you and me!
Sheila M. Currie
(owner operator of Watercolours by Sheila: ART GALLERY and Frame Shop on Big Basswood Lake, Thessalon, ON)"

(photo of our spot on Big Basswood Lake, as I prepare to head up to Baffin Island, Greenland and the northwest Passage...)


  1. Good luck on your voyage. Anxious to read your blogs. Safe voyage.

  2. thanks for good wishes Lu... you're a sport to go through all the hoops so that you can comment... THANK YOU!
    XXOX sheila

  3. Hi! Your 'sales pitch' for the art experience sounds incredible, I would be in for sure! Thinking of you every minute; I'm guessing that you are on the ship by now...quite a contrast to my summer gardening here in LaSalle today! Looking forward to your next post.