Monday 12 August 2013

BLOGGING THE “Baffin Island and Greenland Explorer” trip: Aug. 4-14, 2013

BLOGGING THE “Baffin  Island and Greenland Explorer” trip: Aug. 4-14, 2013

Pre departure, I learned that it would not be possible to “BLOG” while
journeying the high Arctic seas on board the Akademik IOFFE.  Here is my
first note to family, after the disappointing news I received just after
boarding the ship off shore from Iqaluit.  (no time to visit or explore
Iqaluit for we staff members; prep work to be done on the awaiting ship).  Since then, I have arranged for Trish to post my blogs for me, so I will email them to her, and she will post.  We will begin with my first email to them.

“Hi Trav, Tricia, and Dave;  .. I can only send email out with NO PHOTO
ATTACHMENTS, and only to 3 people at a time... hence this is to Dave, Trav,
and Tricia.  I am so sorry but will not be able to "blog" while up in the
high Arctic. 

Everything is going really well; an amazing crew!!!!!!  (so very
accomplished and extremely qualified).

God, it is so exciting to be here, but at the same time there is a fair bit
of pressure to do a great job.  Lots of work to do besides the "painting end
of it", as Adventure Concierge, but will take it in my stride (so to

All of my love,

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