Sunday 18 August 2013

DAY 5, Sunday, August 18, 2013.

DAY 5, Sunday, August 18, 2013.

This is our second day ‘at sea”, and finally into calmer waters as we sail north 45km. off the eastern shores of Baffin Island, toward the Pond Inlet area and Lancaster Sound.
Sea Ice Ahead, and calmer seas…. Lookig at the most recent ice charts for the Northsest Passage, it appears certain that we will encounter quite a bit of sea ice in the coming week.  At present, the Pond Inlet area and Lancaster Sound are ice-free but farther west and south in Prince Regent Inlet and Franklin Strait there is a lot of ice, including 9/10 ice coverage through which we cannot sail.  However, at this time of the year, sea ice conditions change very quickly and in two, three, or four days conditions should be significantly different.  We expect to see lots of first-year ice and very little thick multiyear ice.  A new record of minimal sea ice extent was broken in Sept. 2012 (3.4 million km. squared).

Sea days make for great opportunity to PAINT, and with the enthusiastic passengers on this journey, we have been making great headway on our ARCTIC renditions… we’ll have an awesome “art show” by Friday, August 23rd/13.  At that time, passengers’ “works of art” will be on display in our dining room.

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  1. Keep the posts coming, love reading about your adventures! (and very jealous)