Wednesday 21 August 2013

An Escort Will Guide Us!

Well the ice has moved in to our path; we've been traveling northeast,
rather than the northwest route charted, and our stop at the gravesite at
Beechy Island is now scheduled for sometime after dinner hour (daylight
until 1:00 a.m., so no worries.  My plan for 'artist students in residence'
is to take our "pleine aire" art kits on shore, sit on a rock, and render
the gravesite/Beechy Island mood in our paintings!  We'll see what
transpires between now and then?!  Presently we are at approx. 74.9 degrees
N. Lat.

Just found out that our permission for the Henry Larson ICE BREAKER has been
granted!!!!!  After meeting up with the HENRY LARSON at Resolute Bay, we'll
be escorted through Peel Sound, between Sommerset Island and Prince of Wales
Island.  That means that our flights out of Cambridge Bay may still be
within our timeline.... yes, all are thrilled because we're getting a little
weary with all of this excitement!

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